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Tekit Media


Tekit Media activities span across three main domains where we are constantly looking for business opportunities.

IT Consulting: we use our experience and expertise gained in the media, publishing and business services sectors to develop the best software solutions to support your business and model your online presence to maximize your strengths. With extensive experience in different development methodologies, like Agile and Waterfall, and different development platforms, such as Java and .NET, our main focus is to ensure that your business requirements are captured effectively and then correctly translated, documented and communicated to the development teams.

Web Publishing: with several years of experience publishing quality articles in print and online media, we are committed in creating, developing and maintaining a network of high quality sites with first class content focusing on multiple niche sectors. We take advantage of our expertise on open source technologies, like WordPress, and editorial techniques and workflows to create accessible websites optimized for search engines and provide advertisers a reliable platform to advertise and sell their products.

SEO Consulting: whether you are a small business owner looking to expand your online business or a medium to large corporation aiming to boost your web presence, we can help you achieve your business goals. With several years of experience in implementing state-of-art techniques for Search Engine Optimization and expertise in running online campaigns using different channels like advertising and social media, we can define and implement a global strategy to increase your web traffic and grow your sales.

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